The Johnson Ranch Community Association currently has two chartered committees. Committees are formed by volunteer members of the community and assigned by the Board of Directors.

The Design Review Committee reviews all improvements and modifications on the homes. The responsibility of the Committee is to ensure the harmonious, high quality image of Johnson Ranch is implemented and maintained.  Residents wanting to make improvements submit a Design Review Application the Compliance Team. The Committee has adopted Design Review Guidelines and standards to evaluate all proposed projects. Design Review Meetings occur the 1st Wednesday of each month. All applications are due by the the Friday prior to the meeting date.
The Design Review Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 4pm at Rural Metro Fire Station.

The Landscape Committee interfaces with the Board of Directors and Management for the purpose of providing landscape information. They participate in discussions regarding the future of the community’s landscape and offer ideas and suggestions that will benefit the Community as a whole. This Committee only address matters which are specifically assigned by the Board of Directors.
The Landscape Committee meets the first Saturday of each month at the Lakeview Park Ramada at 8am. 

Johnson Ranch Community Association also forms Ad-Hoc committees. Ad-Hoc committees deal with and issue or adjective and are disbanded after making a final report.

The Nominating Committee is charged with the responsibility of providing a fair election for the Members of the Johnson Ranch Community Association (JRCA). The committee will oversee the election process of the Directors to the JRCA Board of Directors. The committee will also oversee any other elections required and approved by the Board of Directors.