Pool Rules

The purpose of the Johnson Ranch community pool rules is to uphold a family-friendly environment for a diverse community.  The Board of Directors hereby directs Pool Hosts to assist residents, interpret and use their discretion to uphold the pool privileges.  It is imperative that resident and their guests abide by the pool rules to promote an enjoyable experience for all.


  • Access Amenity Card must be present for any entrance into the pool recreational facilities and allows entrance to the cardholder and permanent household members plus up to 3 guests.   Children 15 to 17 may have access to the pool recreational facility without an adult (18 years or older) by obtaining an Amenity Access ID Card and are not allowed to bring guests with them when unsupervised by an adult.
  • Proper swimwear appropriate for a community pool setting is required. Street clothes are not permitted.
  • Showering is recommended prior to entering the pool or spa.
  • Incontinent swimmers of all ages must wear approved swim diapers made for swimming.
  • The use of sun tan oil is prohibited while at any pool recreational facility.
  • Any person having a skin disease, sores or inflamed eyes, nasal or ear infection or any communicable disease is not permitted to use the pool facilities.
  • Pets are not permitted in the pool recreational facility. (Exception: animals necessary to assist        disabled persons.)
  • Food and drinks are not permitted within 4 feet of the pool or spa.
  • Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages, glass containers or weapons of any sort are not permitted with the Johnson Ranch Community common areas.
  • Pool Hosts have the authority to close the recreational facilities for inclement weather or health/safety concerns.
  • Owners are responsible for the actions of their guests and leaseholders.



  • Residents or guests under 15 years of age must be accompanied in the pool recreational facility area at all times by an adult. One adult per 5 residents or guests under 15 years of age is                    required.
  • Residents or guests under 13 years of age are not permitted in the spa without an adult.


  • Running, diving, tossing/shouldering other swimmers (including children), roughhousing, general horseplay, foul language or disorderly conduct is prohibited.
  • Toys that are designed to float or sink in the water, are soft and flexible, less than 9 inches in linear length or diameter, have no sharp or pointy edges and are not make from hard plastic material are allowed. Toys that are designed to be thrown through the air and do not meet the before mentioned description are not allowed.
  • Swim vests, noodles, arm floats, infant tubes and 13X18 (adult) and 11X17 (child) swim-aids are the only toys, inflatables or floatation devices permitted.
  • JRCA reserves the right to ask pool patrons to put away toys if they are causing disruptions to the other pool patrons, misusing toys, behaving in a dangerous manner, or being disrespectful of the JRCA staff and other pool patrons.
  • Any items left at the pools will be places in a lost and found container and JRCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Skateboards, scooters, bicycles or golf carts are not permitted within the pool recreational facilities.
  • Amplified music is prohibited.