Three community pools... Plenty of room!!

Families spending time together...

The natural beauty of the foothills

If you prefer gated....Stonegate

Always a good day for golf!

The beauty of the Desert

Solera...Adult Active Gated Community

Resale Fees

  • Reserve Supplement Fee (Buyer) $500.00
  • Working Capital Fee (Buyer) $516.00
  • Master Assessment (Buyer) $172.65/quarter
  • Stonegate Assessment $228.45/quarter
  • Lakeview Gardens Assessment $231.09/quarter
  • Estoppel/Resale Disclosure Fee (Seller) $382.00

Reserve Supplement at Transfer 7.14 in CC&Rs – Each person or entity other than a Developer who purchases a Lot or Parcel shall pay to the Association immediately upon becoming the Owner of the Lot or Parcel a reserve fee which will be used by the Association exclusively to supplement its reserves.

Working Capital 7.13 in CC&Rs – Each person or entity who purchases a Lot shall pay the Association immediately upon becoming the Owner of the Lot a working capital which will be used exclusively for operating expenses relating only to the common areas.

Title Statement/Estoppel/Resale Disclosure – In order to purchase real property, an Estoppel request must be made by the purchasers Title Company. The information contained in an Estoppel is used for compiling the costs for closing purposes. These costs and fees are found on the HUD Statement or Settlement Statement that you will
receive at closing.  An Estoppel will let the Title Company know if the maintenance fees are current, if there are any special assessments due and/or pending, the name of the Associations’ insurance agent, violations against the subject property, etc. Responsibility of payment for estoppel is of the Seller (Owner).

Estoppel/Resale Disclosure Fee – This fee is in accordance with the management contract between CCMC and Johnson Ranch Community Association.  The charge is for certain costs associated with a change in unit ownership, currently named Account Set Up fee.  The account set up fee is charged to new members whenever ownership of a unit changes.

Johnson Ranch CC&Rs Doc # 1999-023417 Click Here

Revised copy for changes to the fees charged for all sales – Recorded on 3/27/12, Fee # 2012-024493  Click Here

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