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Johnson Ranch offers two lighted tennis courts, with the every growing in popularity, pickleball courts overlayed on the tennis layout. Groups share the court times and enjoy both sports. The amenity card opens the locked gates for members.

Court Use Policy


Use of Tennis, Basketball and Sand Volleyball Courts

Adopted 5/24/2011

WHEREAS, Johnson Ranch Community Association (“Association”)  has authority pursuant to the Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, Assessments, Charges, Servitudes, Liens, Reservations and Easements (“Declaration”) and the Amended and Restated  Bylaws of the Johnson Ranch Community Association, Inc.  (“Bylaws”) to manage the affairs of the Association.   

WHEREAS, In Accordance with Article VII, Section 1 Powers. “The Board of Directors shall have the power to: (a) adopt and publish rules and regulations governing the use of the Common Area, the personal conduct of the Members and their guests thereon and any other matters contemplated by the Declaration or Articles and to establish penalties for the infraction thereof;” 

FURTHERMORE, Rights regarding of use of the amenities is reserved for the owner members of Johnson Ranch Community Association. Available court space for tennis, basketball and sand volleyball is limited and requires that use by guests be limited to insure owner members have use of these amenities. 

NOW THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED, that the Johnson Ranch Community Association has adopted the following rules regarding the use of these amenities. 

1.       Each resident shall be permitted one guest when using these amenities. 

2.      Individuals using the Johnson Ranch amenities may be asked to  show photo identification with a Johnson Ranch address. 

3.      Clothing and shoes appropriate to the respective sport to be played on the courts is required. 

4.      During peak use periods players shall be considerate of others who wish to use the court(s) by setting a reasonable play time limit. 

5.      Gambling or betting on the sport or players on a court is prohibited. 

6.      Skate boards, bikes, scooters, roller skates etc are prohibited on the courts.

7.      Refer to the Common Area Code of Conduct for additional guidelines regarding amenity use and enjoyment. 

Suspension of privileges and/or fines may result from any violation of this amenity use policy.  

RESOLVED THIS 24th DAY OF MAY, 2011 as approved by the Johnson Ranch Board of Directors

Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball
Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball
Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball